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than that. >> this is our new pet from the s.p.c.a. hoping that the ravens win! >>> she needs a home, she is two and is a terrier mix and ready for a nice place to watch the game on sunday. her name is lollipop! >>> the number to call is the s.p.c.a. and this is part of the friday puppy sponsor, trying to make a difference for pets like lollipop that need a home. >> her ears went up, now they are going down. >> she needs a home and hope you have a nice place to watch the game. it will be chilly. the winds will go away in time for the game on sunday and we are look at 36 right now and then 38 on the shore and 16 out in oakland. keep your eye on that middle temperature, the winds at the airport, 15 down on the shore and 18 out near oakland and gusting in the last hour, reporting at 29 miles per hour. not double, but the gusts are substantial and we have a wind advisory as a result until 6:00 p.m. and putting in that they are expected to get up to 45 miles per hour and we expect 35 to 50 during the day. the pressure moving up to the northeast, dragging that cold front with that and that
for having the dog walkers being professionalized. any questions? thank you. >> is someone here from the spca? yes. >> hi, good afternoon. i am the director of the adomings center at the san francisco spca. also i spent a good number of years on the commission of animal control and welfare, the dog advisory committee and would like to thank you, supervisor wiener, for bringing this forward. this has been a topic that has been discussed for many years. as martha said, it is a topic where there has been interest and support from user groups. that is unique. our main concern is the welfare of animals. we are big advocates for responsible animal care for the good of the animals and the community. the legislation that you have drafted here is really good. since we are a city that has more dogs than we have children, this is wonderful rmed to -- time to highlight the fact that professional dog walking is a skill, and advocating business licenses and things that recognize this as a professional. we have a wonderful community of professional dog walkers already who are doing wonderful things and bein
that break in her gold enyears. she is at the maryland s.p.c.a. she will jump out of here if she sees the food. >> our friday spots from mr. basement, thinking that we could make a difference for pets that need a home. tim, i want to tell you something, when i took the jacket off, it was really too warm for that jacket. tim has the friday details. take it away, brother. >> we could only hope that the playoffs will be like this next week. this is because of a southwest flow of their being in the nice air. especially when you consider we are wrapping up the first week of the new year. it is about 51 this time of the year, but we are 51 and cloudy. a cool spot up near the metro area, mid 40s as you see that area to bellaire to the low to mid 50s and over to kent island, 53. the south and southwest wind is pretty much uniform over the state and winds near washington d.c. and 12 near oakland and the higher winds, but a nice breeze out there. very cold air is way up to the north and east, tapping boo the great lakes and seeing the snow around new england, but the high pressure is building a
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channel 2 news. >>> the san francisco spca they're pouring in tonight to help dogs who were returned home in bad shape. these are pictures, a 12-year- old york sheer terror, says toto disappeared from her home in april then in late november toto showed up on her doorstep with multiple injuries including a eye out of its socket and missing teeth. the vet's office said it appears he was beaten. spca says $2,500 had been donated so far and money will go to help pay toto's $500 bill. >>> things went as planned today near the golden gate bridge. long term monument are being reduced to rubble. >>> the first two back to back storm systems is on its way to the bay area tonight. they'll tell when it will rain in your neighborhood. you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all our ktvu newscast on your computer or your mobile device. we're streaming live at i want a baby. a baby? but we were gonna see the northern lights in alaska. and go spelunking with the guys. yeah, i said it-- spelunking. [ whirring ] and i still haven't built one of those fighting robots. come on. it's pretty awes
, with dog walking businesses, with dog owner organizations, with the spca, which is supporting this, with animal care and control, rec and support. the dog walker, dog owner groups as well as the spca are supporting this legislation. we had two hearings with a lot of feedback at the land use committee. also a well-attended hearing at the small business commission. this legislation would set basic standards for professional dog walkers by requiring training or apprenticeship, by requiring certain safety standards for equipment and for vehicles, require dog walkers using city property to have a permit from the city. in addition, this would limit the number of dogs that a professional dog walker can walk at one time on city property to eight. a couple of things, first of all, the number of dogs has been a continuing topic of discussion . there was a long debate between six and eight dogs. when i introduced the legislation i compromised and put seven. when it went to the small business commission, the small business commission recommended a limit of nine, eight dogs plus the walker's on
teach pet cpr and first aid, and i work over at the spca in the reactive dog program. first of all, ms. katz said that they do not train dogs. that is true. but if you have ever seen cattle dogs, they really do help. they would not have such a time if they did not have an assistant job helping them. my daughter is an assistant. gracie. she helps me a lot set the tone, so i personally appreciate having her with me, and if she counted as an extra dog, that would be money that i am missing out of the money i am making. i am not getting rich, as opposed to what ms. katz may think, and i do prefer to do only six dogs. however, just this morning, i got a call from a woman who was also a dog walker, and her car got totalled, and she needed people to take dogs on. i took two of her dogs out, and someone else took others out. with the help of other dog walkers, she was able to dent the dogs walked, with the aids, and i would not have the opportunity to do that for another dog walker if it were only 46 dogs. said thank you. supervisor wiener: thank you very much. next speaker. >> i am rob. i am
foster adores him, gets along great. >> we got to get him a permanent home. check out the spca human society. or go to our website, we will have all the links to their shelter and all of the shelters to the dogs we feature right here. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >>> stick around, we will be right back. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems
, and the san francisco spca try to protect the project on which she had been working, but the local supervisor just broke it up and seriously damaged the project. so it stands. the lawbreaker has been shouldered but not vindicated, and the innocent have been punished. commissioners, i have come to suggest, through management, to the general manager, that one way to avoid such further incidents is to nip it in the bud. replace the area manager. i have known him for many years and have gotten along with them, but i think his authority has been compromised. that is one of the serious basis of all that has been going on in the park. the area manager is not part of the solution. please remit -- replace the area manager. thank you. commissioner buell: i would like to ask the general manager if we can get a report on this from his perspective privately in the future days or weeks. >> please come forward, richard. >> good morning again. i recently tried to address the issue of what animal " -- animal control welfare has done and the humane acquisition program, so what i am trying to look ahead is a th
. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> the san francisco spca wants your help raising $5,000 to care for a stolen dog abused for months. we told you about toto last month snatched from a fenced in yard at a hayward home he was returned but his front teeth and part of his left eye missing and several infections. he's slowly recovering and returning to the dog he he was before the kidnapping. police have made no arrests. >>> joe biden is in san francisco for a day of fund rising -- fundraising. tickets from $2500 to $10,000.iv the money raise will be allocated to president obama's reelection campaign and the democratic national committee. biden's wife will be touring in palo alto. >>> northwest is getting pounded now by what could be the biggest storm the area has seen in 25 years. it istdtut(ur'g flight delays and cancellations at a area airports. the storm has forced the cancellation of more than two dozen flights to seattle and portland if you are flying to either location check with the airlines. up to six inches of snow forecasted for seattle alone. the same system is expected to
legislation, including several dog walker organizations, the spca, the neighborhood parks council and several city departments. since introduction i have received a very significant amount of useful feedback primarily from the dog walker community, but from others as well. i thank those who took the time to provide that thoughtful feedback both at the small business commissions, which is recommending the legislation with changes, as well as many e-mails. among other things, this legislation requires training through a formal program and apprenticeship. itemizing subject areas to be covered but not endorsing any particular kind of training or philosophy. there is a diversity of styles of dog walking, and this legislation does not choose one over any other. the legislation requires that dogs be safely transported and that dog walkers have access to first aid materials. it requires dog walkers to carry commercial liability insurance. they carry one leash per dog on their person and keeping the pooper scooper law. they must carry that permit with them on their person when they work on city proper
. and this is one of the gentlest dogs we've had. she's real relaxed and friendly. at the maryland spca and we'll show you the number. walks the walk and talks the talk. there's the number. here yo go. >> come and see uncle don. >> she's really, really a nice dog. >> beautifully mild right now. you know, our first warning weather computer takes temperatures and constantly updates them. we've dropped a degree. only 18 degrees above what we were at this time yesterday. can anybody feel it? it is absolutely a gorgeous lunch hour. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. 63degrees on tv hill. we have a mild westerly breeze at 15. 80% humidity. the barometer is going to start rising before long. let's take a look at other temps. almost 60 in el kin and easton. the low to mid-60s around solomon's island. and ocean city, 60, bel air, 63. columbia-- look at the marine influence. it's a little bit cooler on the water than over land right now. 53 in atlas. 57 in rock hall. it's a real simple scenario. the moisture is pressed through the region. we're going to see a wind shift trucking on through the mid-
can help this swured dog get back to the road to >>> san francisco spca is asking for money to pay for medical kofs costs of a severely injured dog. he disappeared from a home last year. and eight months later someone dropped him off inside of a crate. he was in bad condition and his owner didn't recognize him. he suffered from infection that's made him lose his teeth and an eye he was happy to see he was alive but ways heart broken and distraught. in the condition he was in. >> a veterinarian say he is recovering well and they don't think he was beaten or abused just neglected. >> and this will not come as a shock but 49er as announced the championship game is sold out. and fans snapped up whatever tickets were left today. season ticket holders had opportunities to buy tickets this morning and sold remaining tickets at 1:00 this afternoon z they just disappeared almost instantly. >> san francisco police plan to boost their usual presence for sunday's playoff showdown between 49ers and new york giants. >> there are officers on the route into and out of candle stick. >> do we want i
information about the spca go to our website foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. she had one of theebiggest hits of the 80s... you may remember theesong áas we lay...á lay...ábut today shirley murdock is singing a new tune... a peeformance from the gospel star right here in our studio next. you're watthinggfox 45 good day 33 we are back withh hirrey murdocc...she has a new album out... what are you going to sing for us right now? ((break 4)) 3 3 3 3 maps-fiber-back to maps the trial resumes today... n the case of a man accusee of gang raping a 12-year old girl. girl.on thursday... a judge threw out a number of charges perry... including first von - degree rape.the judge's ruling follows testimony that there is no d-n-a evidence linking perry to the attack at skateworks roller rink. but prosecutors point to surveillance video... that shows perry near theeroom where the 12-year oll says she was attaaked. it's sentencing day for the man accused of killing 16-year old rochelle battle. gross... is scheduled to on - appear in baltimore county pircuit court this morning.he was convi
but veterinarians at the san francisco spca say toto has a remarkable spirit and he is recovering from his ordeal. the spca is also trying to raise funds to help pay for toto's medical care. for information on how you can help go to >>> coming up in just 90 seconds. >> hundreds of dollars down the drain. the latest thing targeted by metal thieves in oakland and the bold move they made to get away with it. >> and the governor says things are looking up for california. what he is urging, while also backing one of the most expensive projects in state history. >> a story you will see only on 2. easy money lured metal thieves to this public bath ryu room at an amtrak -- bathroom at an amtrak station in the bay area. the expensive fix and new safety measures as a result. >>> one man is dead tonight. the innocent victim of a police chase through newark streets. why police say officers had already pulled back when the crash killed the bystander. >>> good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank sommerville. you might call ate new low for metal -- it a new low for metal thieves. we stumbled o
but he had been abused. his left eye and some teeth are missing. the san francisco spca is trying to raise $5,000 to help care for toto. his owner says hayward police refused to take a police report. >> they said that because i didn't report him stolen, that there was nothing they could do because i didn't have any suspects. >> hayward police tell cbs 5 because toto's owner lives in unincorporated alameda county, the case would fall to the sheriff's department. >>> you have to go back to december 12 and december 15, the last time we have had measurable precipitation right here in the bay area. and look at that live high-def doppler radar. no rain yet. but it's right there to the north of us. we'll track when you can expect all that right here with the pinpoint forecast. >>> he did things that would not be considered good medical care. >> a prison doctor on probation for neglecting patients. so why is he still collecting a six-figure salary that you are paying for? >>> not in their backyard. a group of bay area neighbors take on one of the world's most famous filmmakers. how they a
the dog to her doorstep but was severely abused. missing teeth and eye. the spca is trying to raise $5,000 to help care federal government little dog. toto's owners say hayward police refused to take a police report. >> they said that because i didn't report him stolen, that there was nothing they could do because i didn't have any suspects. >> hayward police telling cbs 5 that because toto's owners live in an unincorporated part of alameda county the case would fall to the sheriff's department. but toto is back home. it is 5:26. >>> a step forward for the group trying to keep the 49ers out of santa clara. what their latest move means for the stadium's future there. plus the italian captain claims he didn't abandon ship. the excuse he is giving for leaving his passengers behind. coming up. >>> san leandro police need your help this morning in nabbing a suspect who not only led police on a high-speed chase through town but also shot at one of them. coming up, details of what type of car to watch out for. >>> the sheriff becomes the defendant. ross mirkarimi has his day in court. we'll t
poor mitt, he just can't hit back. he's almost -- we ought to call the spca tonight if debate tonight goes like the last two here last week because somebody needs to call this thing. it's cruelty to dumb animals. merck merck oh, dick, you always have to get mean. why are you so mean on these segments? i'll give you the last word, brad. >> i've had newt here for two weeks, how could i not be mean? >> newt could beat the pants off obama, you know it, and romney can as well. we have two front runners who are going to battle it out, just like hillary and obama had done, and at the end of the day republicans are going to rally around our nominee because we want to beat this president really bad and restore america. dick, don't worry, there's going to be a united republican party sooner rather than later. megyn: thank you both so much. >> sure. [laughter] megyn: thank you. well, coming up, there is a fight shaping up in massachusetts that could ultimately effect the whole country. should teachers be evaluated based on their performanceover seniority? which criteria would you want in evaluat
are getting into the purple spirit. the spca has more on that. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. >> welcome back. as the ravens travel to new england to take on the patriots, one member of the team did not travel with them. the original baltimore reaf. you may not know mideon by name, but you certainly heard his caw. >> mideon is not only a beautiful and sleek baltimore reafen, he is psyched about the team chances against the new england patriots. this week -- >> he started hitting. he came do the baltimore rescue. >> people come all the time to see that. the kids know him by name. all the summer camp kids every year keep coming back when they see him. >> this is the voice of the ravens. he and the rest of the nature center hope to see the team next year. >> that would be unbelievable for him. >> and continuing with the animal theme, she is a mix. >> she is looking for a family with a good home. >> what kind of toys would you recommend to play with your dog? >> it is going to depend on your dog. if you have a dog that loves to destroy everything they can get their hands
Search Results 0 to 48 of about 49 (some duplicates have been removed)